Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Mature Years - mid 70's

Tanjong Batu Beach, Bintulu. Water colour. 50x40cm( approx.) circa 1974. Whereabout: Unknown.

Girl in a Garden of Flowers. Water colour, Imperial size ( landscape format ) circa 1975.
Two paintings of which I have only the photographic images are shown above.
These are representative of my natural ( natural = non-trade able, obsessive,life-long) interest in gardening and nature in general or more specifically the park in this instance.
I am still trying to find out the whereabouts of the two paintings. Both are done in water colours. One of them shows the Tg. Batu Beach park as was seen in 1974. The other has as a motif the portrait of a young girl or maiden in a garden of flowers.

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